MEDAK LeaderShip

MEDAK will be seeking individuals amongst the top management of its member companies and/or honorary members of the Assocation to serve in the MEDAK Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board is responsible for the following functions:

-Advising the Executive Committee in performance of its duties and functions under this Constitution.

-Advising the Association as a whole on the emerging governmental regulations and policies affecting the medical technology industry.

-Leading the delegation of the Association in lobbying for the interests of the Medical Technology Industry players.

-Performing such other functions as may be requested by the Committee or members during the AGM.

Executive Committee

Dr. Mercy Njuguna
Regulatory Affairs Manager,BD
Vice Chairperson
Dr. Morris Mbulo
Regulatory Affairs Manager,Medtronic
Njambi Ouattara, M.P.A
Regulatory Affairs Leader, GE Healthcare
Dr. Wairimu Njuki
Regulatory Affairs Leader, Mercury Healthcare