About us

About Us

Medical Technology Industry Association of Kenya (MEDAK) is the industry trade association representing medical devices in Kenya.

Our History

MEDAK was formed in April 2019, as a result of a need for an industry trade association to represent medical devices industry in Kenya.

Our Objectives

1.To promote and safeguard the common interests of the Members, including interests relating to the design, manufacture, importation, exportation, marketing, distribution and sale (retail and wholesale), application, use and/or other application of medical devices and medical or healthcare technology (“Medical Technology”), the regulation of any aspect of the a foregoing and/or in relation to the industry (the “Medical Technology Industry”) in which the Members operate.

2.To encourage the adoption and implementation by the Members of ethical principles and practices in the conduct of their businesses and affairs.

3.To promote innovation and better patient outcomes.

4.To effectively represent the interests of the Members with all relevant authorities, whether public or private.

5.To advance the harmonisation of the standards and regulatory requirements applicable to Medical Technology and the Medical Technology Industry.